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One pair of sandals, endless styles

mix & match 3 pairs of ribbons when ordering our set of sandals

Woman struggling packing...

The idea

The adventure started in Dubai for us, 2 expatriate French ladies during dinner in 2020. We discussed how packing for travelling can be challenging at times especially when it comes to choosing the right shoes, managing the lack of space and minimizing weight... 

With a background in brand development and supply chain and a real love for creativity, we combined our strengths and came up with the idea of a versatile pair of sandals for summer time.  Caribbons was born.

Our name

An elegant name that is a subtle reminder of holidays and good times


As women living by the seaside and under the sun throughout the year, we were immediately inspired by the island names, full of vitamins Sea and D.  

Having our concept in mind of sandals with interchangeable ribbons, there came CARIBBONS, arisen from the Caribbean islands.

About us

We are 2 French expatriate ladies living in Dubai. During dinner, we decided to consolidate our strenghs (brand development and supply chain expertise acquired in multinationals) to design a versatile pair of sandals answering ladies needs. Our mutual passion for the outdoors and sustainability led us to this project. It came as an natural concept to us. An explosion of colors at our feet and an impact on fighting the climate change: the mix  was exactly what we were looking for.

We always wanted to work on a parallel project in which the activities would be more artistic and creative in comparison to what we do daily at the office. For us, being our "own boss" was a dream and Caribbons offered us this chance with an exciting challenge ahead! We are today really thrilled to be part of this adventure and we hope to see our brand cross boundaries very soon!

The concept

One pair of sandals = the perfect match for every outfit and occasion

With the interchangeable ribbons and the variety of ties possibility, one pair of sandals becomes the versatile pair of sandals that every woman is looking for. The concept makes a woman's life easier by offering summer shoes compatible with every occasion and provides every woman the chance to go for a minimalist approach by reducing the number of sandals in their shoe rack! 

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