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One pair of sandals, endless styles

mix & match 3 pairs of ribbons when ordering our set of sandals

Our Commitment

UAE produced

Supporting the local business 

We aspire to support local business (local companies and local entrepreneurs) based and operating from within the United Arab Emirates.

All the sourcing, manufacturing and tailoring of our sandals and ribbons is done in the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in producing our sandals at the highest care and lowest possible carbon footprint.


​A responsible sourcing approach

Sustainability is a key value of Caribbons and is deeply integrated in our business operations. It guides our company to work faster toward a more conscious and sustainable future. Through a meticulous sourcing process, we take the time to select our materials carefully. We make sure to implement a responsible sourcing methodology to select the correct suppliers we work with.  During the whole production process, each deliverable is controlled quality wise. We promote transparent communication and keep track of the latest environmental and ecological updates.

  • The leather:

It is sourced from a tannery based in the Middle East, using the most advanced environmental friendly technologies, guaranteed metal-free, sustainable and biodegradable.

Among all the leathers we saw, touched and felt, we picked a high quality cow leather. This gives our sandals the robustness needed for long term use and also an incredible comfort for the foot.

  • The sandals:

The sandals are handmade by an artisan and his team in a small workshop in the United Arab Emirates. They are masters at pattern creation, leather cutting, leather stitching, hot stamping. Their detail and passion for their craft ensures quality and reliability of our brand. 

  • The fabrics:

We personally select each fabric offered to our customers. Prior to a new fabric being introduced into our range, production samples are given careful consideration in terms of quality and colors. The fabrics are delivered to our customers only if all of our technical parameters are met and if they visually correspond to our standards.  We do our best to improve transparency of our fabric supply chain and we work hard with our partners to provide relevant information on the fabric production process. Our goal is to propose a wide variety of choices to meet every customer and every situation.

  • The ribbons: 

Humane is the heart of our craft: a team of local artisans tailor our full range of ribbons. Our customers are rewarded with an extensive palette of colors, patterns and fabrics of the highest quality.


​A social responsibility

We aspire to give back to Society and to Nature. Our goal is not only to offer a top quality, affordable and fashionable ladies sandal, but also to take care of the planet while we're at it and for the future generations. We are not trying just to offset our CO2 emissions, but also to contribute to the regrowth of wildlife habitats and raising climate change awareness.

Caribbons forest trees

Caribbons' commitment to the planet

One tree is planted for every sandal set purchased on our website.   

In line with this objective, we partnered up with Tree-Nation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting climate change.

our values


Respect” guides all of our daily interactions: with our customers, with our suppliers and within the team. It means treating all of our contacts in the same deferential way as we would like to be treated ourselves. It emphasizes the importance of listening and transparent communication.

Customer Centric

We put our customers first and aim at ensuring their satisfaction.  We  make it a priority to provide an exceptional customer experience at the purchase order and after the sale. 

Human Focus

For us, people are important. We develop collaboration, equality and diversity and dedicate our efforts with each other.  We work with SMEs and believe in entering long term business relationships with them. For us, talent trumps technology and social enterprise remains a prime element.


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